Features for Event Registration, Management, Tracking & Reporting

Registration Management

  • Flexible User Profile & Registration Templates with User Defined Questions
  • Customizable Assessment Templates for Post-Event Survey's
  • Program Information Pages - Content Management to create a micro site for each event
  • Program Activities
  • Program Agendas
  • Multiple Event Times for a Single Program
  • Unlimited, Customizable Program Information Pages - For Creating a micro-sites for your event
  • Program Material Library - Ability to Upload Various Document Types, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and PDF
  • Customizable Guest Templates to Allow Registrants to Bring a Guest
  • Automatic, Customizable E-mail Reminders
  • User Type Templates - Registration Questions can be Tailored Depending on User Type
  • Multiple User Types
  • Time Zone Management
  • Custom URL's - Your company can have a dedicated url, i.e. www.MyCompanyEvents.com

If You're an Event Facilitator/Agency

  • Manage all of your Clients and Events from One Location
  • Company Diaries
  • Create Restricted User Accounts so Your Clients Can Create/Maintain/Run Reports for the own events
  • Coming Soon: Global Accounts - Corporations can view events facilitated by multiple agencies


  • Report Dashboard for At-A-Glance Summaries
  • Registration Listings
  • Registration Exports
  • Company-Wide Reporting

User Registration

  • Online Registration
  • User Attendance History
  • Activity Registration
  • Confirmation Pages
  • Confirmation E-mails
  • Add to Outlook Calendar
  • Upcoming Events Listings
  • User Attendance History

Continuing Education Certification

  • Certificates of Attendance
  • Certificates of CEU's
  • CEU Accreditation
  • User CEU History

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